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Speak Integrated: Email, Web, Social, OLV, UI/UX

The Language Learning App That Gets You Talking.

Not just another language learning app—Speak helps language learners focus on achieving native-level speaking by practicing with AI in real-time and getting real instant feedback.

As the brand quickly grew, I joined Speak to lead creative initiatives (art direction and copy) for the brand's global advertising campaigns in APAC, EU, and NA regions—with a primary focus on creative executions in Taiwan.

Discover more of my diverse work created for Speak:


Global Lifecycle Paid Social Ads


Taiwan Lifecycle Paid Social Ads

“What Can You Get for the Price of Speak’s Monthly Subscription"

Taiwan Lifecycle Paid Social Ads

“Awkward convos stop at Speak"

Taiwan OLV Motion Graphic

“A New Way to Learn Language"

Global Event Launch: Email (English Version)

“Unlock More for Less"

Global Event Launch: Landing Page (English Version)

“Unlock More for Less"

Global Event Launch: In-App Cards (English Version)

“Unlock More for Less"

Lunar New Year Event Launch (APAC)
Paid Social Ads

Lunar New Year Event Launch (APAC)

Made by:

Creative Lead: Marcus Ren
Designer: Arnoldo Orellana, William Harris, Daniel Chiang, Douglas Miglioretti
Motion Designer:
Chris Lund
Copywriter: Marcus Ren, Kuo-Yi Tseng
Project Manager: Khunal Parkash
Marketing: Nayeon Shin, Khunal Parkash, Sreekar Kuchibhatla
Web Production: Jacek Baczkowski
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