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Meta Quest 360 Campaign

Play Out, Play In.

In an era where Gen-Z is often tethered to the digital realm, the allure of escaping the digital reality might seem counterintuitive. But what if a tech brand could offer more than just another digital dive? Enter Meta Quest.


We're redefining Meta Quest's brand values, not by pushing another product, but by promoting a harmonious blend of the virtual and the real. It's about understanding when to plug in for the digital thrill and when to step out and savor the tangible world to build meaningful connections.

Find your balance: play out, play in.

TVC: YouTube Pre-Roll Spot

Social Media: Instagram Posts

Social Media: TikTok In-feed AD

Social Media: Twitter

Social Media: Snapchat AR Filter


Social Media: Micro-influencer (YouTube)

Social Media: Micro-influencer (YouTube)

Out-of-Home: Bus Exterior Wrap ("Play In")

Out-of-Home: Bus Interior Wrap ("Play Out")

Out-of-Home: Plane Exterior Wrap ("Play In")


Out-of-Home: Plane Interior Wrap ("Play Out")


Out-of-Home: Billboard


Experiential: Campus Quest Experience Pop-up Station


Experiential: In-flight VR Entertainment Experience

american airlines partnership.jpg

Made by:

Creative Director: Tom McDonnell
Art Director: Me, Julia Pham
Designer: Katey Williams
Copywriter: Kate Evans, Isabella Noe
Project Manager: Gigi Rutsky
Strategy: Jared Briere, Baylee Xiong, Lily Woodman
Production: Isaac Wu, Sam Homola, Zach Boone
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