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Capital One x AWS Event & Experiential

Level Up with Capital One

In the vast landscape of tech brands, it's easy to spot the usual avatars: companies donning the all-too-familiar tech uniform, blending into the background. But not us. Not this time.

We repositioned Capital One's newest cloud products as the ultimate power-ups and the cheat codes people have been searching for. It's not just about leveling up—it's about dominating the leaderboard.

Dive in and see how Capital One served up XP boosts for the ultimate cloud journey, leaving others fumbling through the tutorial:

Event Space Concept Render

Event Space Design (40' x 20' Site)

Branded Apparel


Event Identity Art Direction

AWS_BlogHeader_Variation 1.png
AWS_BlogHeader_Variation 2.png
AWS_BlogHeader_Variation 3.png


Web Banner

Digital Display

Social Media Ads (LinkedIn)

Photos From the Event

Made by:

Group Creative Director: Chris Irwin
Creative Director: Jason Taylor
Art Director: Me
Designer: Me
Copywriter: Craig Joiner, Chris Hull
Project Manager: Samantha Montes
Production: Derse
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